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I made the wiki because I saw a lot of people not putting enough effort into wikis they've been to, so I decided I would make this wiki and they would see all the things there missing out on because there not admins. I figured they would put more effort in wikis & they would try to earn there way up to Administrator, created by the owners KobKannon and Zombie8888.
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- The owner of the wiki [1] has helped ;) Message me for more tips/help ;)

This Wiki Needs

This Wiki needs lots of Help. You can do many things to help us such as clicking on the options under the "Contribute" bar in the top right. The wiki also needs to chane up its theme to not be this colour, bc its wery ugly tbh.

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Creation Of Polls

To make a Poll, follow the instructions.

<Poll> Question


Answer2 and continue until you want to stop.



Administrators can tell me on on my (KobKannon's) talk page if you are an admin on another wiki. Admins will be put into a group as a Bureaucrat. Other users will have to earn there way to a group.


Our Admins are here to help. Contact them if you need some help.


The list of admins are found at Administrators

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